Family and Domestic Violence Workshop

Family and Domestic Violence Workshop

Course Summary

As public awareness of family and domestic violence increases so do the number of people looking for support. As a result, those working in the community or support sector are now more likely to encounter clients who require specific support for family and domestic violence.

  • Fee
  • $440 per person
  • Concession fees available

This 3-day workshop will provide participants with skills to work with both women who have experienced violence and men who have perpetrated violence, and give participants the confidence to have safe and accountable conversations.  

This workshop is suitable for counsellors, social workers, psychologists, caseworkers and students.

For those who have experienced, witnessed or perpetrated family and domestic violence please refer to our other programs for men, women, young people and children.

Day One: Understanding family and domestic violence - How we talk about it matters  

This session will cover:

  • Common misunderstandings of family and domestic violence (e.g., it’s a result of a ‘faulty’ relationship). 
  • The differences between family and domestic violence, and anger. 
  • The importance of Risk Assessment and Safety Planning (a key theme in all sessions).

Day Two: Conversations with men who perpetrate violence. 

This session will cover:

  • How to have conversations with men who abuse that will help promote change including:
    - Changing the question from ‘why is he abusive?’  to ‘what stops him from being respectful?’ to address men’s attitudes and beliefs.   
    - Demonstrating and practising skills to engage a man in conversations that highlight the gap between his intentions and values, and his actions.

Day Three: Conversations with women experiencing violence

This session will cover:

  • Addressing persistent attitudes that blame women for not leaving, for provoking the violence, and exposing their children to the violence.
  • Highlighting women’s resistance to the violence and applying response-based practice that instead asks, ‘how did you respond when he ….?’, ‘how have you resisted his abuse?’, ‘what stopped you leaving?’ and ‘how have you tried to keep yourself and your children safe?’  
  • Demonstrating practising skills for engaging in respectful and supportive conversations with women.
  • Risk Assessment and Safety Planning


This workshop is presented by Rob Andrew, a practitioner and trainer with over 20 years experience working with perpetrators and woman and children who have experienced domestic violence. 


Day one only: $220
Days one and two OR days one and three: $330
All three days: $440

Please note the day one session is a prerequisite for day two and/or day three. 
Lunch not included. 

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