Mums Raising Teenage Boys

Mums Raising Teenage Boys

Course Summary

For teenage boys the relationship they have with their mother has long term implications and this is at the heart of this session. This includes how they relate to others, particularly to girls and women.

  • Fee
  • $30 per person
  • Concession fees available

This workshop will discuss the importance of the mother-son relationship, what boys need from their mums and practical ways to improve and maintain a positive and rewarding relationship which could include:

  •        Mothers need to have some knowledge of their sons’ world
  •        Attachment and boundaries and the consequences
  •        Importance of negotiation and its necessary skills
  •        Allowing decision making
  •        Risk taking and sexuality, mutual respect
  •        Steps taken to hand over the control to teenagers as they demonstrate responsibility and appropriate self-management skills
  •       Need for appropriate knowledge of modern technology in order to make reasonable decisions

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