Step and Blended Families

Living in a stepfamily can sometimes be difficult, particularly when children and parents are not ready or aware of what to expect. There will most definitely be change as new members join the family and as these relationships start to develop and take form. When two families come together and live under the same roof there can be conflicting ideas on rules set for children, as well as differing roles of responsibility for each parent.

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In a family, the parents are the decision-makers and the choices they make will affect their children. For the child’s wellbeing it is most important for both the biological parent and stepparent to have ongoing communication so that they can discuss issues that could be arising in this new stepfamily. If there are issues arising in a stepfamily both parents need that communication to decide on a way of assisting in the issue and possibly developing a way to combat it.

There is a difference between a biological bond and a stepparent bond. Whereas the biological bond is natural between parent and child the bond of the stepparent and child is not, and this sometimes creates problems.

Through living in a stepfamily children can sometimes be the most affected as they are brought into a new environment with new family members. Children feel the strains of relationship between parents the most. If you and your partner are looking for support in your relationship, not only you but your children and stepchildren also will feel those benefits that come from having an improved relationship

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