Building Relationships

Prepare-Enrich is a customised couple assessment completed online and is a program designed to focus on important relationship issues by assisting couples in all stages of their relationship.

Are you looking to transform your relationship into the loving relationship you both want? Research by The Gottman Institute has shown that the quality of a couple's friendship and feeling of connection are fundamental in being able to successfully manage the inevitable challenges that will arise in their lives together.

This course is for couples who want to find out how to communicate in a way that creates safety in their relationship so that they can maintain their feelings of love and connection, whilst working through differences.

Couples with children from previous relationships may need strategies on communication, agreement on discipline, and handling competing demands. How about ensuring time just for each other? That matters too. This six week course will provide strategies to assist parents in a step family.

This weekend course is for couples planning to have a future together, whether they are going to marry, live together or are already sharing their lives. The course covers expectations, needs, family background and communication.

Stepfamilies and blended families operate in a different way to intact biological families. This one day course course helps to address the needs of step families.

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