Building a stronger family together

26 Jun, 2016

Healthy and strong families employ three key strategies: adults being in charge, having room to be close and time to be apart and expecting and embracing change.

But sometimes it can be difficult to achieve these family patterns and conflict resolution isn’t always smooth sailing.

Our Building Stronger Families course, beginning in July, will teach them how to problem solve together and gives them skills needed to keep their family healthy and functioning at its best.

It also allows parents and young people over the age of nine years to attend together, so the whole family works together as a unit, provoking powerful, positive and systematic changes in the family dynamics.

Parents will learn how to feel more confident in their authority to lead their families and in their ability to set rules that support their values. They will also learn how to confidently deal with conflict, problems and change.

Young people will learn that their parents have the final say, but that they will be listened to, especially when they are involved in discussing a family problem.

Together the course helps parents and young people learn how to encourage each other and to focus and build on the strengths of the individuals and the family. They will also learn to communicate clearly what they want and what they don’t want.

Manager of Relationships Education Marion Dunn said the outcomes for all individuals in the family at the end of the course are profound.

“What the family learns about each other in their unit is amazing and they walk away after six weeks with a sense of discovering more about their own family,” she said.

“They also develop skills in communication, active listening, negotiating with each other, as well as respect and understanding of each individual.

“In my experience it is a powerful course which helps families reflect on a range of issues and gives support to practice skills in making changes which help to create strong, healthy families.”

To inquire about bookings please visit our education page here.

Course details

Dates: Wed 27 July, 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 Aug
Where: West Leederville
Time: 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Fee: $80 per person, $120 per family. Concession rates available

How to build a stronger family

  • Acknowledge your child’s point of view even if you disagree.
  • Family meetings are a good training ground for learning how to NEGOTIATE. Even very small children can be included in discussions about family matters. A family runs more smoothly when children are brought into the decision making process, both formally and informally.
  • Change is inevitable (moving house, separation, children leaving home). Work together as a family to make a plan to deal with whatever is happening.
  • Rules hold the family together. Make rules for what you would like to achieve, rather than for what you don’t want.
  • Know your family values. Decide what you believe in and talk about them as a family. Your children will also gradually develop their own values.
  • When speaking to your children avoid lectures and corrections. 
  • Every person and family has problems or disagreements. Healthy people and families find ways to solve problems. They use their skills to achieve what they want together.
  • Remember how important it is to listen and encourage your child instead of correcting them. They might say, “I hate the neighbour who yelled at me.” You could respond with, “You’re angry. You don’t like yelling. You want to be treated better.”
  • Listening tips: Words are doorways to feelings. Feelings are doorways to emotions.
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