Connect For Mental Health

27 Feb, 2019

Relationships Australia WA has developed a free online mental health training tool to help the community better understand mental health, and recognise someone who may be at risk of mental health decline or contemplating suicide.

The Connect for Mental Health community learning tool highlights the importance of early intervention and is designed to help anyone in the community to recognise the signs of mental health issues.

It also helps users understand how to reach out and talk to a person they may be worried about, how to respond to what they say, and also how to obtain further support if needed.

Click here to begin using Connect For Mental Health.

Issues of mental health affect people of all communities and ages in Australia. One in five adult Australians experience mental health problems and half of all Australians experience a mental health disorder at some point in their life.

The online training tool introduces the STRES model – five simple steps to give people the confidence and tools to talk to someone they may be concerned about. The content was developed by our clinical staff using recognised information and research on mental health. Production experts were used to convey this information via an engaging and interactive online training tool.

The STRES Model:

Signs - What you could look for in someone’s behaviour that may indicate they may be at risk of mental health decline.

Time - Finding a good time to talk and what to check before approaching someone.

Reach out - How you can ask if someone is OK emotionally and what to say to them.

Empathy – How to listen well and what you can say in response, so the person feels heard and understood.

Support - Knowing your role and responsibilities in support. Ways to support someone and how to encourage a person to seek professional help if they need it.
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