Stopping domestic violence from the start

The Federal government has launched a new $30 million ad campaign, designed to get parents, teachers and coaches to clamp down early on potentially dangerous and entrenched attitudes about violence towards women.

The print, TV, digital and radio campaign asks us to stop domestic violence from the start and to get young boys and young men to start thinking respectfully towards women.

Executive Director‐Relationships Australia WA, Michael Sheehan, said the ad campaign was important as it focused on challenging traditional ideas of masculinity and views about women as second class citizens and less able than men. These attitudes foster disrespect which, in turn, can lead to violent and controlling behaviour against women.

"The more these views become unacceptable in the whole community and excuses aren't tolerated, then hopefully over time that will reduce the amount of violence against women.

“Importantly, it starts with early intervention and teaching children about respectful relationships right from the start.

To watch the ‘Respect’ television commercial, visit the Department of Social Services You Tube Channel.

Relationships WA welcomes an enhanced community awareness of domestic violence and its significant consequences. This prominent ad campaign come after Australian Bureau of Statistics figures showed that one in three women over the age of 15 has experienced physical violence, while one in six has experienced physical or sexual violence from a current or former partner.

Family violence has long term implications for everyone involved, especially children. Children who grow up experiencing forms of violence in the home are more likely to perform poorly at school and may have mental health issues as adults.

Relationships Australia WA offers a range of evidence‐based family safety and domestic violence programs for women and children who have experienced domestic violence in their families and programs for men who have perpetrated domestic violence. Relationships Australia WA also works alongside the Women’s Law Centre to provide services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Perth metropolitan area who have been affected by family violence. 

For more information on our domestic violence programs click here.

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