Evaluation of the Forced Adoption Services

13 Oct, 2017

Australian Healthcare Associates is conducting an independent Evaluation of the Forced Adoption Support Services (FASS) funded by the Department of Social Services.  The Evaluation represents a unique opportunity for people affected by forced adoption practices in Australia between 1950 and 1980, to help us understand how well the services are operating.  

If you, or a family member, were affected by forced adoption practices in Australia between 1950 and 1980, you can have your say about how Forced Adoption Support Services can better support your needs and the needs of others in your position.  AHA is interested in speaking with you if you identify as someone from any of the following groups:

  • Adult adoptee
  • Late discovery adult adoptee (unaware of being adopted until over 16 years)
  • Mother (who was separated from child through forced adoption)
  • Adoptive mother
  • Father (who was separated from child through forced adoption)
  • Adoptive father
  • Family member who was separated from a child through forced adoption (e.g. sibling, grandparent etc.)
  • Adoptive family member (e.g. sibling, grandparent etc.).

What is forced adoption?

In the past, adoption of children of unwed parents was common. While separation by adoption continues, approximately 150,000 adoptions occurred during the peak period of 1951 –1971. Unwed pregnant women had little or no choice about what would happen to their babies.
Many of these adoptions were arranged without willing or informed consent, were unethical, dishonest and in many cases illegal and are therefore considered forced.

On 21 March 2013, the former Prime Minister, the Hon Julia Gillard AC, delivered a National Apology to all people affected by past forced adoption policies and practices.

AHA would like to hear from you whether you have used the FASS or not.

AHA want to know:

  • What is or is not working well for clients
  • Why eligible clients who may need support are not accessing FASS
  • How you think FASS service delivery could be improved.

You can have your say by doing a national survey online or by telephone.Please complete a survey which can be accessed here, or ring AHA’s FASS survey team on 1300 242 111 (local call cost) to complete the survey by phone.

The survey will be open until the end of October 2017. 

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