Mental Health Week

27 Sep, 2017

One in five Australians experience some form of mental illness each year – that makes mental health everyone’s business.

Mental health refers to your overall well-being and state of mind. When you are mentally healthy you have a positive outlook and feel good about yourself. Mental Health Week, running from October 7 - 14, is the ideal time to consider your mental and emotional health.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Mental Health Week, which promotes positive mental health in the community and breaks down the stigmas of the past. It will include more than 45 events and activities across the State. A series of events will run in metropolitan Perth alongside a regional events program. A full listing of events can be found here.

Relationships Australia WA Manager of 4families, Janalie Nelson, said Mental Health Week helps lessen the fear and stigma associated with mental illness, which can cause some people to delay seeking help.

“Mental health is something that impacts on the life of people of all ages and across different life stages and circumstances,” she said.

“It needs to be understood as important for the whole population, involving better awareness of factors that support resilience and coping strategies, including self care, community connectedness and engagement.”

If you know someone one who may be struggling with their mental health, but don’t know to support them, check out our free online mental health training tool.

Connect for Mental Health aims to help the community better understand mental health, and recognise someone who may be at risk of mental health decline or contemplating suicide.

This tool highlights the importance of early intervention and is designed to help anyone in the community to recognise the signs of mental health issues and to reach out to someone who may be at risk.

It helps users understand how to reach out to a person they may be worried about, how to respond to what they say, and how to obtain further support if needed.

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