Redress recommendation for Forgotten Australians

02 Mar, 2018

An inquiry in the UK has found child migrants who were forcibly sent from Britain to Australia should be compensated by the UK government.

A report by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse was recently published after hearings in 2017, and recommends financial compensation to the approximately 2000 survivors of the postwar child migration scheme.

The 160-page study says the UK government should offer redress to victims of a “fundamentally flawed policy”. The sum paid should be “an equal award to every applicant”, although no precise figure is stipulated.

To learn more about this landmark report and recommendations, read these articles by The Guardian and ABC News.

Our Find & Connect service provides free support to help Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants uncover their history, trace and reclaim their identities, help build relationships with their families and come to terms with their past. We offer personalised support that will respect and understand individual experiences and assists with current needs.

To find out more about this service and how we can help support you or someone you know, please visit the service page here.

On 16 November 2009, the Australian Government formally apologised to Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants for the neglect and abuse many experienced during their time in ‘care’ last century. The transcript of the apology is available here.
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