Celebrating all types of Mothers

08 May, 2018

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate not only just Mums, but all the female caregivers in our lives, whether they be Grandmothers, Step-Mums, Aunts or guardians. No matter who they are or where they come from, one thing that’s certain is how important they are in our lives.

Relationship Educator Sue Aspin said many women have "mothering roles", whether or not they have given birth to the children in their care. She said it was important to remember that Mums also need to take care of themselves and put themselves first sometimes.

"Mothering often brings unbounded joys but it can be very hard work," Ms Aspin said.

"It can be stressful at times, especially as most carers of children are also juggling other key roles and responsibilities.

"Managing your stress when you are mothering allows you be most effective in all your roles - if Mums find themselves ill with stress and fatigue, often others also suffer.”

Remember, being a Mother is an ever-evolving process and parenting needs will change as your children grow up. You will often have to work things out as you go, and these myths below often cause Mothers a lot of unnecessary worry.

Myth 1. Parenting comes naturally.

This is simply untrue. Parenting is learned in various ways, such as from your own parents or other people of influence. And what you have learned can be ‘un-learned’ if you choose. The parenting habits that don’t work in the long term can be replaced with lots of new and creative skills, so you can become a highly effective, loving and supportive parent.

Myth 2. Making mistakes means I’m not a good parent.

Not at all. Every parent makes mistakes but the important step is to recognise mistakes and build your skills so you don’t repeat them. Rather than striving to be a perfect parent or to have perfect children (there are no such things) it is better to aim for ongoing improvement. When you use effective parenting skills you may find your children respond almost immediately, but some changes can take more time. Parenting skillfully is a journey, not a destination, and many parents benefit from learning more about what’s effective and what’s not.

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