Discover your family history

09 Feb, 2018

A workshop for Forgotten Australians, Care Leavers or Former Child Migrants

Find & Connect WA is a support service for people who as children were placed into institutional “care” in Australia up until 1989.

Often known as Forgotten Australians, Care Leavers or Former Child Migrants more than half a million children grew up in, or spent part of their childhood in orphanages, foster care, children’s homes or other institutions. Most children did not understand why they had been placed there and many are looking for missing pieces of their lives, records and/or information about family members etc.

To assist in these searches Find and Connect WA is running ‘Discover Your Family History’. Starting on March 27, this six session workshop is designed to help Forgotten Australians, Care Leavers & Former Child Migrants put together a family history and to show ways of searching for missing information about their past.

The workshops will be presented by Professional Genealogist Tracey Graham, the Records and Research Officer at Find & Connect WA. Tracey studied at Boston University and has been a researcher since 2006

Tracey said “There have been a lot of enquiries from people wanting assistance in searching their family history. It is fascinating to discover all those before us, their lives and contributions to society.

“The workshop is structured to help you map your history, like finding pieces of a jigsaw and how they fit together, unfolding amazing stories about your ancestors” she said.

“Many people who have been in care may not know much about their ancestors, whether they originate in Australia or like many are from England, Ireland, various parts of Europe or other parts of the world. People become curious about what their ancestors did, how they lived and what life may have been like for them, did they travel, go to war, were they wealthy, famous or infamous?”

In the caring, social environment of Lanterns House in West Leederville discover how to search your family history. The first workshop session starts Tuesday 27th March and runs fortnightly after. If you are a Forgotten Australian, Care Leaver or Former Child Migrant and would like to participate in this workshop please call 6164 0240 or email Place are limited so call now.   

Workshop Details

27 March - Who were they? How do we find them and keep track of them.
10 April - Where did they come from? England, Ireland, Europe or Cairns.
24 April - What did they do? Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Actress, Maid.
08 May - Did they go to war? Land, Sea or Air.
22 May - Extra, Extra Read all about it – Famous or Infamous.
05 June - Where to from here – Preserve your story.
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