Fresh start for your relationships

01 Jan, 2019

The new year is the perfect time to examine your relationships and learn how to relate better, either at home, at work or with friends. Whatever stage of life you are at or situation you are in, the benefit of enhancing your relationships is worth time and effort.

If you are looking to enhance and review your relationships and the various issues that affect them, take a look at our broad selection of programs and topics that reflect the complexity of 21st-century life. We welcome same sex couples to all our couples courses. Below are some of our upcoming workshops. For a full list of the courses we offer please visit our education page here.

Together Forever

Do want your love to last forever?  Invest a weekend in your future happiness by learning practical skills and secrets about successful love relationships.  Book now on this positive, uplifting course, just for couples who are living together or planning a marriage

Communicate Effectively

This course helps you to be a better communicator in all aspects of your life. Good communicators tend to get the best work opportunities and they also have smoother personal relationships.

Anger Management

Anger is a natural emotion - it’s what we do with it that can be destructive. Sometimes we explode or punish others cruelly, other times we bury it inside us which can lead to problems with our mental or physical health.

Seeking and Keeping your next Relationship

Don’t want to be single? Many people are quite content being single but for others, it doesn’t feel fulfilling. If you long for a better relationship next time, consider joining our eight week course.

Rebuilding after Separation

Successful recovery from separation or divorce is essential for a happier future. If you have been separated for a while this course aims to give you the steps and tools to heal and begin this chapter of your life with positivity and confidence. 

Self worth – Free to be me!

Feeling confident and worthy is often hard but regardless of your past you can improve how you feel about yourself and shape a new future. You can learn to be the person you were born to be, to be comfortable in your own skin and to finally feel ‘good enough’. We encourage you to take the first brave steps.

Parent-Teen Connection

Want a better relationship with your teenager? It’s sometimes a matter of learning new strategies, rather than trying harder. This 4 week course starting 19 Feb aims to reduce stress and teaches parents to communicate, negotiate and how to minimise conflict

Making Stepfamilies Work

Stepfamilies can be wonderful when they settle in but along the way they are frequently challenging. There can be lots different needs, problems getting routines flowing and stress making sure everyone is happy. This course will help you make the most of this exciting time in your life

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