New Year's Resolutions

11 Jan, 2019

New Year’s Resolutions – Get to Know the Locals!

The new year has arrived and we may all have the same mantra: Lose weight. Get a new job. Improve my relationship.

How about ‘get to know the neighbours’ as your 2019 New Year’s resolution?!

We all feel better when we belong and belonging to a close community where we know the people that live around us is simply good for everyone.

Here are some tips on how to be more neighbourly.

  • Smile, wave and say hello to people in your neighbourhood, including children and teenagers. Perhaps even stop for a chat!

  • Introduce your children to neighbours. If they become trusted friends, your children will feel safe to go there in an emergency.

  • Set up a cricket, soccer or football game in the local park and invite the neighbours.

  • Offer to help with school runs if your children are at school together.

  • Spend more time in your front yard as a simple way to connect with nearby neighbours and those passing by.

  • Organise a ‘cuppa by the kerb’ where you invite your neighbours to bring a cuppa and have a chat in the street together at a set time.

  • Offer to look after your neighbour’s pets while they are away.

  • Share produce from your garden.

  • If there is a blackout, check in on an elderly neighbour and see they have a torch handy.

  • Take in your neighbour’s garbage bin.

On Sunday 31 March 2019, communities across the country will come together to celebrate and connect with those who live in their neighbourhood through Neighbour Day.

Neighbour Day was founded in 2003 by an Australian community activist Andrew Heslop. Andrew was shocked when the remains of an elderly woman were found inside her suburban home more than two years after her death. In response, Andrew began co-ordinating a national ‘Check on Your Neighbour Day’. Andrew gifted Neighbour Day to Relationships Australia in January 2014.

The Neighbour Day website offers great ideas to help you celebrate Neighour Day as well as free, easy-to-use resources including posters, selfie signs and calling cards to download. You can follow Neighbour Day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to hear what others are doing in preparation for the big day.

“The community you want starts at your front door.” TM

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