The importance of Valentine's Day

12 Feb, 2018

Love it or hate it - Valentine’s Day is sure to evoke a range of emotions within many people.
But despite any ill-feelings some people may have towards the modern celebration, there’s no denying it’s one which brings relationships into focus and can be a timely trigger to examine or improve your own.

Relationships Australia WA Manager Fiona Bennett said couples who have a satisfying and lasting partnership are those who continue to work at their relationship beyond that initial burst of romantic attraction.

“If you stay curious about what your partner enjoys, your relationship is more likely to continue feeling fresh and fun,” Ms Bennett said.

“I love it when couples tell me they are trying to talk and listen more to each other, that they are making the effort to sort out their arguments rather than let them build up.

“While it can sometimes feel like hard work to make and keep a good relationship, I often hear couples say that it’s been worth it.

“Valentine’s Day is a great reminder for couples to take time out to enjoy each other and talk about their relationship.

"Spending time with a partner doing something you both enjoy can be just as rewarding as an expensive gift because it offers much more to your relationship.”

Ms Bennett also said that Valentine’s Day can sometimes be a difficult and unhappy time.

“Some people may take a closer look at their relationship and be unhappy with the direction in which it is going,” she said.

“Attending an education course or starting counselling together may help get your relationship back on track, rather than ending it."

While Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to do something special for your partner, it’s also important to remember and celebrate the positive points about our partner and relationships throughout the year.

Inexpensive ways to show your partner your love

Love Tips
  1. Re-enact your first date – if you can’t return to the exact place, try to re-create the circumstances and the romance of that first meeting.
  2. Hand-write a book of lover’s cheques – each ‘cheque’ is for something special that you can do for your partner, who can ‘cash’ them in at any time.
  3. Organise a beach picnic – just for the two of you. Choose a private spot and pack some special treats.
  4. Leave hidden messages in places where your partner is bound to find them, one for every year you have been together.

Tips for building a better relationship

  • Regularly set aside time to enjoy each other’s company and sharing common interests.
  • Show appreciation for your partner and focus on his/her good qualities. Talk about your partner in positive terms to others.
  • Listen without judgement or criticism. Effective listening is integral to a strong relationship, but certainly takes practice.
  • Have fun together. Schedule a ‘date’ night once a month, which doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • Commit to growing as individuals and respecting each other’s differences as a couple by committing to building your relationship skills. RA offers many courses to help do this.
  • Realise that intimacy includes a meeting of the mind, emotions and spirit, and enjoy physical closeness without necessarily moving on to sex.
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