Parenting in Australia for multicultural families

07 Nov 2022
Parenting in Australia for multicultural families

Are you a parent who is new to Australia or know someone who is?

Multicultural families may find they need support with parenting while transitioning to life in a new country and culture. Our Parenting Between Cultures workshop will help parents effectively navigate cultural differences while also strengthening their bond with their children. 

The workshop scheduled for Monday 14 November 2022 has been cancelled. We will offer the workshop in Term 1 2023 and we encourage you to revisit or sign up for our newsletter to receive notification of upcoming courses.

Topics that will be explored include:

  • parenting styles that assist in transmitting family values
  • how to set boundaries consequences
  • brain development and its effect on behaviour.

Coordinator of CALD services Esther Mwathi said the workshop aims to strengthen the ability of culturally and linguistically diverse parents to raise their young and adolescent children confidently in the Australian context.

“Pre-migration experiences coupled with the challenges of settling in a new country can have a profound impact on family well-being and parenting practices,” she said.

“Migrant parents find themselves caught between two cultures and the struggle to find the balance between effective discipline and imparting a strong ethnic identity may bring about feelings of inadequacy.

“It is important to provide a space where they can voice their challenges and explore positive ways of staying connected to their young and adolescent children.”

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