Working Therapeutically With Children

Working Therapeutically With Children

Working Therapeutically With Children

Course Summary

This two day training workshop is for those professionals who have little or no experience in working with the particular challenges of working therapeutically with children, and who wish to extend their understandings and skills in using expressive therapies with children. As well as hands on experience in using a range of expressive therapy modalities, a framework for assessment and case conceptualisation will be explored.

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  • $440 per person
  • Concession fees available

The often complex issues that arise for the therapist in clearly defining the boundaries of confidentiality in the work with the child, while balancing this with the caregiver(s)’ need to have an understanding of the child’s particular challenges and needs for support, will be discussed, and the skill of when and how to have a conversation regarding this with the caregiver(s) will be practised.

The workshop will focus on:

  • using expressive therapies with children between 6-13 years
  • doing an assessment and case conceptualisation
  • how to identify the child’s preferred intelligence and working with that
  • hands on experience in working with sand, clay, symbols, drawing and music
  • working with the significant caregiver(s) to establish boundaries of confidentiality and what will be and won’t be shared with them regarding the work that is happening with the child

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