Communication in Relationships

Communication in Relationships

Course Summary

Do you feel that your communication skills may be contributing to difficulties in your relationships?

Effective communication is essential for maintaining a strong connection in any relationship. When we can manage challenges, listen to others, and express our feelings and needs respectfully, we can enhance our relationships.

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We are often faced with stresses in our daily lives. Whether with family, friends or work colleagues, effective communication is essential for seeking to feel understood, resolve conflicts, and build trust in relationships. By actively listening, expressing your emotions, and respectfully articulating your needs, you will form stronger connections that promote mutual respect and cooperation.

In this 2.5 hour workshop, you will receive support to learn strategies to enhance your communication skills.

You will learn: 

  • Essential communication principles and skills
  • Barriers that lead to communication breakdown
  • Strategies to enhance feelings of connection
  • Important aspects of both verbal and non-verbal communication

This course is a great introduction to learning some essential communication skills which can be of benefit to all relationships. It is suitable for both couples and individuals to attend. Couples that attend this introduction workshop may also be interested in the future to registering in ‘Communication for Couples’ and/or ‘Building Better Relationships’ longer course.

Join an experienced facilitator to increase your knowledge and skills on this topic in a safe and supportive small group workshop environment.

This course will help improve your life by:

  • improving your communication skills
  • strengthening your connection with others
  • enhancing your ability to navigate communication challenges
  • Develop skills needed for healthy communication

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is designed for everyone seeking to enhance their communication skills across all types of relationships, including but not limited to family, friendships, and professional interactions.

What can you expect?

Join like-minded people in a respectful learning environment, where you will be encouraged to reflect on and speak about your experiences.

You will have an opportunity to hear from others and ask questions in a safe, open, and non-judgemental small group workshop.

To find out more on our What to Expect page.

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“Great course, very useful.”


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