Celebrating our Mothers

18 Apr, 2016

Mother's Day is the perfect excuse to take a rest from our daily routines and to spend time together as a family and celebrate mothers.

It’s also a time to celebrate the diversity of the Australian Mum – who can be found in many guises. Some live in nuclear families, some are grandmothers, others may have shared care arrangements for their children and some don’t spend as much time as they’d like with their children.

But no matter who they are or where they come from one thing that’s certain is how important they are in our lives.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to thank Mums for their love and support and all they have done for us during our lives.
Here are some simple ways to show your appreciation:

Relationships Australia WA offers courses and programs especially for Mums. Our Mums Raising Teenage Girls course runs on the 15th of June in Mandurah and 27 June in West Leederville. This seminar helps mothers to better understand their daughters and the challenges they go through during puberty and helps to better equip their daughters to be happy and strong individuals.

To find out more about our other courses Mums please visit our education page here. We also offer counselling for individuals couples and families; parenting and relationship education; and support for families going through separation.

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