Grief and loss video

02 Dec, 2015

A video made by four Curtin University students has helped a group of women dealing with grief and loss share their stories and further their healing process. Angela Ryder, Senior Manager Aboriginal Services, hopes the video will help many more people who may be experiencing similar emotions.

The women who participated in the video all attended grief and loss workshops, held fortnightly during the school term by RAWA. Angela said the video, which explains some of the stages of grief, is a tool to help people release their emotions.

“Not a lot of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples attend these groups, so to have a resource like this for community members to watch with their family is empowering,” she said.

“It helps people to understand and recognise the emotions they may be feeling. It also, most importantly, helps individuals realise they are not alone in their grief.”

The video also highlights the fact that loss is not only brought on by the death of a loved one. Other losses people may experience during their lives include the loss of a job, relationship, property, dreams and goals or culture.

Angela said it was amazing that these women had the courage to share their stories in front of the camera.

“When they began attending the workshops more than five years ago some of them found it so difficult to say anything at all about their losses.

“The progress of these women is absolutely powerful. And there has been so much healing throughout the group as a result.”

The students from Curtin University participated in sessions with the women before they started to film. This built trust within the group, so the women felt more comfortable talking about their losses. Angela said the students really listened to what the women had to say, and did everything they could to make sure they were at ease during the filming process.


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