Keeping Mentally Healthy

05 Sep, 2016

1 in 5 Australians experience some form of mental illness each year – that makes mental health everyone’s business.

Mental health refers to your overall well-being and state of mind. When you are mentally healthy you have a positive outlook and feel good about yourself. Mental Health Week runs from October 8 - 15 and is the ideal time to consider your mental and emotional health.

This year the Western Australian Association for Mental Health is again using the Act-Belong-Commit message as the official theme, with a focus on suicide prevention. 

Suicide is a complex issue with multiple interrelated factors. However, there are strong relationships between suicide, traumatic life events and mental illness. Mental health promotion programs such as Act-Belong-Commit contribute to suicide prevention by keeping people mentally healthy, building individual and community resilience and by preventing mental illness. 

Manager of 4families Janalie Nelson said Mental Health Week helps lessen the fear and stigma associated with mental illness, which can cause some people to delay seeking help.

“Mental health is something that impacts on the life of people of all ages and across different life stages and circumstances,” she said.

“It needs to be understood as important for the whole population, involving better awareness of factors that support resilience and coping strategies, including self care, community connectedness and engagement.”

“The Act-Belong-Commit message is effective as it speaks to everybody in a practical way. It brings across a positive message that enables young and old to have control over their wellbeing and means that being mentally healthy is within everybody’s reach. And it can be fun as well.”

As part of MHW 2016, we encourage everyone to adopt the Act-Belong-Commit way for better mental health and well-being. A list of  events and activities that are part of the official Mental Health Week Program can be found here.

During Mental Health Week, we will be releasing tips on how to stay mentally healthy. Look out for the info-graphics, which were created in collaboration with Act-Belong-Commit and the WA Association for Mental Health, on our Twitter and Facebook pages.


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