Seeking and keeping your next relationship

13 Jan, 2016

It’s the time of year where Valentine’s Day related merchandise and news bombards us from every angle. Not everyone one feels the same way about February 14 and for some people it can evoke a range of emotions.

Many of us might be single and looking for someone to love. But it isn’t always so simple. Whether it is getting past first base, our reluctance to commit, or our ability to ‘make things work’, the challenges can sometime seem insurmountable.

So when you meet someone, how do you work towards building and maintaining a fulfilling and loving connection with another person?

Our Seeking and Keeping Your Next Relationship course gives you the opportunity to examine the challenges and opportunities that being single and seeking love brings. You will also be able to discover new ways of ‘being’ and practical skills that will support you in your quest,

Relationships WA education coordinator Marion Dunn said the course provides reference to the work of highly regarded relationship expert John Gottman.

“It helps individuals gain more self-awareness, which is a positive step forward in gaining more control in their lives.

“Also, if people have had previous relationships and they haven’t worked, this course may help them to avoid making the same mistakes again.”

This eight week course invites you to reflect on the following topics:
  • What keeps us single? Explore the origins of some of our challenges.
  • Understanding our relationship to ourselves and how this is related to our relationships with others.
  • Gaining self-awareness to empower our relationship choices.
  • Exploring values as a way to influence our decisions.
  • Cultivating love and maintaining intimacy.

This is a course specifically designed for people who are currently single. It is not suitable for those still processing the emotion from more recent relationship breakdowns. Instead we suggest ‘Rebuilding After Separation’ for those participants.

To find out more about the Seeking and Keeping course visit our education page here.

Course details

When: Starting Tuesday 16 February and Monday 2 May
Time: 6.30 – 9.00pm
Where: West Leederville branch. 22 Southport Street, West Leederville
Fee: $120 per person. Concession rates are available.

Places are limited so please call 6164 0200 to enrol.

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