Celebrating Mums of all forms

12 May, 2017

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate not only just Mums, but all the female caregivers in our lives, whether they be Grandmothers, Step-Mums, Aunts or guardians. No matter who they are or where they come from, one thing that’s certain is how important they are in our lives.

Relationship Educator Sue Aspin said many women have "mothering roles", whether or not they have given birth to the children in their care.

She said it was important to remember that 'Mums' need to take care of themselves and put themselves first sometimes.

"Mothering often brings unbounded joys but it can be very hard work," Ms Aspin said.

"It can be stressful at times, especially as most carers of children are also juggling other key roles and responsibilities.  

"Managing your stress when you are mothering allows you be most effective in all your roles - if Mums find themselves ill with stress and fatigue, often others also suffer.

"We are a bit like batteries – we work more effectively for longer when we are fully charged."

There are many ways you can help relieve stress but what might be a great remedy for one person may increase stress for someone else, depending on  your personality.    

  • Extroverts tend to get energised and recharged by being around people, doing social activities and having fun with others.  If they’re stressed and feeling depleted, a good remedy might be a fun weekend away with friends or even a day where they can ‘treat’ themselves to fun social events. 
  • Introverted people are the opposite – they are recharged by having time alone.  They too might enjoy a weekend away, but the solitude and ability to unwind in their own company will have them top up their battery.

It can help to take this into consideration when thinking how to spoil your mum this weekend. It's the perfect time to thank Mums for their love and support and all they have done for us during our lives.

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