Multicultural get-togethers

04 May, 2017

As community partners, 4families and The Smith Family facilitate monthly multicultural get-togethers. Our families come from Chile, Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sierra Leone, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Egypt, and Sri Lanka and speak many different languages.

The focus has been to provide a space where families can develop friendships and build a sense of community and belonging within the group. The women share stories about their lives, families and experiences, have conversations about their culture and diversity and have opportunity to practice skills in English-language speaking. The group has also provided a forum for women to discuss impacts and changes through resettlement and to talk about their family’s adjustment and difficulties in resettling in Australia, in a safe, supportive atmosphere.

The women are proud of their cultural background and diversity and enjoy sharing stories and meals together, often a cultural dish, and learn and share skills through a variety of craft activities. Families have developed confidence and trust in accessing appropriate service providers and support networks that they discover from attending groups, and learn about what is available and happening in their area. Families with children have engaged with 4families for support, advocacy, counselling and Theraplay.
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