National Families Week

15 May, 2017

National Families Week runs from May 15 - 21  and coincides with the United Nations International Day of Families. Hundreds of thousands of people around Australia participate in community level National Families Week events annually.

Families Australia has these suggestions to help you celebrate Families Week:

  • Give kids lots of hugs and smiles
  • Take time just to be with children
  • Remember to look after adult relationships
  • Ask for help if you need it
  • Have a family movie marathon
  • Have a family sports carnival
  • Hold a family talent quest night
  • Have a family games night
  • Tell each other what makes your family great!
  • ‘Adopt’ a granny or grandpa at the local nursing home or hostel
  • Encourage your family to make short movies on issues important to them – and then hold a “Movie Premiere Night”
  • Be active and eat healthy foods together
  • Have a special family breakfast before work and/or school
  • Let the children make dinner for the adults – and choose the entertainment!
  • Organise a family walkathon
  • Organise a street party
  • Take some family photos or create a family album or book

Our Building Stronger Families course teaches families how to problem solve together and give them skills needed to keep a family healthy and functioning at its best.

This course is unique as it allows parents and their children over the age of 8 year to attend together, so the whole family receives education as a unit, provoking powerful, positive and systematic changes in the family dynamics.

To find out more about National Families Week visit their website here.

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