Child Contact Service

Following parental separation, it is important for children’s well-being and development that they remain connected with significant people in their lives.

It is also essential that they be shielded from conflict and abuse. The Child Contact Service (CCS) can reduce stress by providing a safe and supportive way for children to move between separated parents and to maintain a relationship with the parent they do not live with and with other family members.

What we offer

The CCS provides professional and child-focused changeover and supervision services to foster safe and positive interaction between children and their parents, and to strengthen these relationships.

Over time our aim is to help parents develop their own ways of managing contact arrangements that are in the best interests of their children.

We provide:

• staff who are professionally trained, friendly and child-focused
• separate assessment interviews
• secure and comfortable child care centres with toys and games
• separate entrances for parents
• orientation visits for children as required
• outside and home supervised visits, in some cases
• observational reports.

We are separate from the Family Law system

As the CCS is completely independent from the Family Court of WA and the Federal Magistrates’ Court, we are not able to enforce contact orders.

However, we work with parents to help them meet these orders or agreements and to ensure that the interests of children come first.

How does the service start?

Both parents are required to phone to refer themselves to the service and to discuss concerns and requirements. Appointments are made only after both parents have contacted the service. To maintain our independence we do not initiate contact with parents to arrange an interview.

After both parents have had interviews, we begin our service as soon as possible, depending on availability of places. Due to high demand, there is a waiting period for supervised visits. To allow for more families to use the service, supervised visits generally occur fortnightly, for a maximum of two hours.

What are our fees?

Relationships Australia provides services subsidised by the Federal Government. As these subsidies do not fully cover costs, it is necessary to charge fees.

These are kept low and charged according to parents’ income. Special arrangements are possible for those in hardship.


$30 (Health Care/Pension Card)

$50 (income up to $80,000)

$80 ($80,001-$100,000)

$120 ($100,001 and over)

Each parent is expected to pay for his or her assessment unless otherwise negotiated or ordered.


$15 (Health Care/Pension Card)

$20 per handover (income up to $80,000)

$25 ($80,001-$100,000)

$30 ($100,001 and over)

Supervised visits (per hour, max 2 hours)

$20 (Health Care/Pension Card)

$30 (up to $80,000)

$40 ($80,001-$100,000)

$50 ($100,000 and over)

Off-site visits, if approved: Mileage at 80c per km if staff use their car 

Cancellations without notice or non-arrival 

Cost of scheduled fee


$25 (to confirm dates of attendance only)


We provide reports which help parents and the Family Court determine contact arrangements.

$150* (Health Care/Pension Card)

$200* (up to $80,000)

$400* (Legal-Aid funded, income $80,001 to $100,000)

$500* ($100, 001 and over)

*Reports will be subject to GST.


Photocopy of files: 50c per page

Staff Attendance at court $75 per hour

Being fair and thorough


In order to make reports fair and helpful, they are written only after a minimum of eight supervised sessions.

Please tell us at the assessment interview if a report will be required. This allows us to begin recording what is observed from the initial contact visit.

Service Agreements

Each parent is required to sign a Service Agreement outlining the requirements for using the Child Contact Service. This includes encouraging children to have a positive relationship with the other parent.

We also require a copy of your current Court Orders or parenting agreement and, if applicable, a copy of any Restraining Orders.

When are we open?

Office hours

Monday to Friday (9am-5pm)


Saturday (9am-4pm) and Sunday (3-5pm).Weekdays can be negotiated.

Supervised time

Saturdays (9am-4pm) and Sunday (3-5pm). We are closed on public holidays, Easter Saturday and over the Christmas period.

How to contact us

To contact our Child Contact Services in Fremantle, Mandurah, Gosnells or Armadale please call 6164 0620.

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