Family Abuse Integrated Response (FAIR)

We offer programs, at no charge, for men, women, young people and children who have perpetrated, experienced or seen abuse in their families or in their relationships.

Who are we?

FAIR is staffed by experienced counsellors with qualifications in psychology, social work and/or counselling, who offer group programs.

Is there a fee?

No. These Relationships Australia (WA) services are free of charge.

Where are we?

We run these programs in four locations:

Lotteries House 

1 Ord Street
 West Leederville
22 Southport Street

27 The Crescent

To get in contact with FAIR call 6164 0270

For women

For women who have experienced abusive behaviour from their partners we initially meet one-to-one.

We also offer a 10-week program for women who have experienced abusive behaviour. Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • have their voice validated in a safe, inclusive environment
  • discuss the impact of abuse on themselves and children
  • discuss how they have stood up for themselves and their children when resisting abuse
  • unearth the ways in which they have held on to hope for a better life
  • engage in conversations that expose the beliefs that underpin abuse, and emphasising that abuse is a choice 
  • support each other in efforts to keep themselves and their children safe
  • share resources and build on community and social support

To get in contact with FAIR call 6164 0270

For children and teenagers

For children and teenagers who have seen or experienced abuse in the home we initially meet one-to-one.

We also offer a 6-week program for children and teens who have experienced abuse in the home. In a safe and nurturing environment participants will have the opportunity to:

  • express their hurts, worries and fears and acknowledge their skills,
  • interests and hopes
  • understand they are not to blame for the abuse
  • discuss actions they take to keep themselves and others safe
  • identify helpful people in the family and community
  • explore how best to express feelings of anger, fear and stress
  • have a supportive and positive social experience in the company of other children

To get in contact with FAIR call 6164 0270

For men

For men who have been hurtful and intimidating towards partners and/or children we initially meet one-to-one.

For men motivated to change their behaviours we offer a 24-week program. In a supportive environment men will be invited to:

  • discuss and consider the impact of abuse on partners and children
  • expose the beliefs that support the use of abusive actions against others 
  • consider intimate relationships as opportunities to demonstrate equality and partnership in daily living
  • learn and practice skills for relating to others and feeling confident in
  • applying these skills when facing challenges
  • discuss and reflect on the importance of safety and respect as the foundation of enduring relationships

To get in contact with FAIR call 6164 0270

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