Free webinar for Mental Health Week

20 Sep 2022
Free Recorded Webinar: Building a strong parent-child relationship

Building a strong parent-child relationship
How to reinforce your connection for their mental well-being

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The development and nurturing of a positive relationship with our children has a powerful influence on their mental health well-being and resilience, directly affecting their physical, emotional and social development. A study at Harvard University shows that a loving parent relationship is the strongest predictor of a child’s future success.
During Mental Health Week WA Relationships Australia WA family mental health practitioners Alison and Tracey will be hosting a free webinar exploring the importance of a strong parent-child relationship, and issues that can affect the mental and emotional well-being of children and young people.

Topics will include advice on how to strengthen your relationship by adopting the parenting principles of playfulness, acceptance, curiosity and empathy into your everyday life, and playful and curious parenting through an Aboriginal lens.
We will also share our expertise on how trauma can impact children, both physically and emotionally, how to recognise the resulting behaviours it can cause and tips for supporting your child during difficult times.

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