Celebrating Diversity this WA Harmony Week

08 Mar 2024
Celebrating Diversity this WA Harmony Week

Everyone has the right to belong, and we all have a responsibility to ensure our community is welcoming. WA Harmony Week underscores our value of inclusivity and fosters a sense of belonging not just during the dates of March 15 to 21, but every day.

This Harmony Week Relationships Australia WA will be celebrating with some simple and fun ways and encourage you to participate in your organisation or workplace as well.

Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Wear a splash of orange: Orange symbolises social communication and meaningful conversations.
  • A Taste of Harmony Morning Tea/Lunch: Harmony Week coincides with Ramadan (March 9 - April 8). You can encourage inclusivity by scheduling A Taste of Harmony celebration outside of Ramadan, possibly centred around breaking the fast on April 9. When you decide to celebrate, invite staff to bring a traditional dish to share, fostering cultural exchange.
  • Story Wall: Create a story wall at a central location (perhaps the kitchen) to be added to through the week. Encourage team members to share a story, song, tradition, or game that reflects their cultural identity.
  • Provide a space to pin recipe cards, contributing to the celebration's culinary diversity.

About Harmony Week

With ties to the United Nation’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21, Harmony Week is an opportunity to reflect on complex issues such as the impact of racism today.

It promises to be a vibrant celebration of diversity, inclusivity, and shared experiences and an opportunity to reflect and educate ourselves and others.

If you are seeking deeper ways to understand the importance of a multicultural WA there are further resources on:

The Office for Multicultural Interests (OMI)

A Taste of Harmony

And we particularly love Food, Faith & Love in WA YouTube series and this Discover Multicultural Perth tool by OMI

Let's mark 25 years of celebrating diversity in WA together.

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