Professional Development

Relationships Australia offers a range of professional development programs designed to help you in the workplace.

We can also customise training to suit your particular workplace, ranging from lunchtime seminars to training over several days. For more information contact us.

Have you ever been caught without the words to help a friend, client, customer or co-worker who was dealing with a distressing situation? This one day workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills to help you to help them in a safe way, without feeling you have to advise.

We can customise training opportunities to suit your particular workplace needs.

You're at the front line of service delivery. It may seem that you can do little to respond to angry and abusive clients and customers. But you can! This half day seminar shows you key principles and strategies to defuse clients' and customers' anger and reduce abusive behaviour right from the start. It also assists you to reduce your own stress levels.

Domestic Violence is a huge social problem which is currently receiving a lot of attention - so there are high chances counsellors and social workers will come across it in their work. But how confident are you in your skills to have a helpful conversation with a perpetrator of abuse? Do you feel you have the skills to have a helpful conversation with a victim of abuses?

These workshops are suitable for counsellors, social workers, psychologists, case workers and students.

This course develops the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for effectively facilitating psycho-education groups in the broad field of family, relationship and personal development education. The course focuses on the development of facilitation skills which are transferrable into many fields.

This 2 day introductory workshop will be useful for those who are interested in becoming supervisors, and for those supervisors who are either looking for a 'refresher' or who are new to the role or looking to expand their knowledge and skills. The training is specific to the supervision of counsellors, social workers and case workers in the human services area.

Participants are introduced to the key principles of Systems Theory, including a neutral stance on the couple relationship. Through theory, case studies, live and DVD demonstrations, and skills practice, the course covers assessment, hypothesis formulation, and intervention with unhelpful repetitive patterns of couple behaviour.

Adolescence can be a difficult path for many young people as they attempt to find their own identity in an ever changing and challenging world. Teachers of high-school students and others who work with teenagers can play an important part in assisting them through this tumultuous period. As a teacher, mentor or leader you can facilitate significant positive change in the lives of young people by supporting them to develop a healthy self esteem.

This interactive workshop examines some of the issues that impact on migrant and refugee families and explores how workers can engage with families to provide support with parenting while considering their own cultural competence.

This 2 day workshop will explore working therapeutically with children aged between 6-13 years, using expressive therapies. You will get hands on experience of working with sand, clay, symbols, drawing and music (to name a few) that can be used when working with children. The training will also cover assessments, the child’s preferred intelligence and working with the significant care givers.

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