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Education courses
The new year is the perfect time to examine your relationships and learn how to relate better, either at home, at work or with friends. Whatever stage of life you are at or situation you are in, the benefit of enhancing your relationships is worth time and effort. If you are looking to enhance and review your relationships and the various issues that affect them, take a look at our broad selection... More
Men and separation
Separation presents many challenges for men, especially fathers. If you are going through a separation or divorce, our new workshop will provide a supportive place to acknowledge the challenges you are experiencing through the process. We will assist you to identify some practical... More
Mums raising boys
Being a parent is one of the most complex and important roles on the planet. Unfortunately, children don’t come with instruction manuals. Parents raising children of the opposite gender encounter special challenges. As the primary female role model in a boy’s life, Mothers play an important role in the development of their.... More
Connect For Mental Health
We have developed a free online mental health training tool to help the community better understand mental health, and recognise someone who may be at risk of mental health decline or contemplating suicide. It helps users understand how to reach out and talk to a person they may be worried about, how to respond to what they say, and also how to obtain further support if needed... More



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